Proofs, Proofs, and More Proofs

Beth Berkompas
Beth Berkompasposted on on August 13, 2015

Proofs, Proofs, and More Proofs

You’ve spent time creating an amazing printed piece. You’ve picked colors that are either your favorite in the world or are part of your brand. You’ve chosen fonts and images to help convey your idea and message. You want to make sure these colors, fonts, and images will print as you’ve imagined and created. We provide tools to proof your press-ready files. Here are three categories of Proofs offered by Pageworks:


Digital PDF proof: sent via e-mail or file transfer, not for proofing color
Digital proof via InSite: sent via InSite for online proofing, great for multiple people requiring review privileges, not for proofing color (Please let your salesperson know if your company does not yet have login credentials for InSite. We’ll set you up! You can even upload files to us via your personal InSite portal.)


Indigo proof: printed proof from Indigo press on proof paper (used if stock used for job is not available at time of proofing), color may shift depending on printed stock choice
Indigo proof on specified stock: press proof on Indigo press on stock required for the job for color accuracy (this may not be available if proofing is required before stock arrives - a mill item, for example.)


Dylux proof for Offset: printed on digital proofer, used to show pagination and bindery functions such as folding and stitching, not for proofing color
Matchprint for Offset: printed on matchprint stock for CMYK color accuracy and color matching at press. We offer a coated stock matchprint and have also developed U-Curve, a process to proof for uncoated paper.
Ink Drawdown for Offset: flat swatches of standard or specially mixed Pantone spot colors, usually done at the beginning of a job when selecting ink colors and stock
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