Introducing Pageworks

Pat Bowen
Pat Bowenposted on on July 15, 2015

Pageworks: It's finally here

Today is the day we officially launch Pageworks. Over the past few months our team has worked incredibly hard to create the brand assets that you now see. We're extremely proud of the results and very excited to start the journey with our new name. We're also excited to work with you developing communications deliverables that help you strengthen your brand and reach your audience. Before we jump into that though it's important to explain why we changed our name and a little more about who we are.

A message from Dan:

Communication has always been an art, from the spoken word to the printed page and in the digital world. The way we communicate continues to evolve because we have so many different ways of reaching each other today. At the same time, Custom Printers and Page 8 are evolving, bringing you new ways to reach your audience.

For that reason I wish to introduce you to Pageworks.

Custom Printers and Page 8 are changing their name to Pageworks. Although we remain rooted and committed to the highest quality print, we are not just printers. Although we continue to build great websites, we are not just developers. We help our clients communicate through many mediums and become more effective by connecting them. It’s not just print or digital today; it’s how we tie things together.

As communication continues to evolve, so will we. You can be confident in our commitment to bring these technologies to you and to help you use them most effectively.

I invite you to learn more about Pageworks by browsing the site or viewing the video below. We look forward to working with you and for you.


Dan Goris
President and CEO