WordPress CMS

WordPress started in 2003 as a blogging platform. Today it has evolved into a full content management system (CMS). Because of the massive community and great documentation Pageworks utilizes WordPress when appropriate. We always strive to assess your needs and find the appropriate solution, but here are some instances where Pageworks might recommend using WordPress:


If your primary reason to build a site is to publish content WordPress may be a great solution. The system was originally built for blogging and the speed and usability for this purpose are still top notch.


If you primary content editor is familiar with WordPress and the system can readily handle your needs WordPress is a fully capable CMS that we might recommend.

Speed of Development

The plugin library for WordPress is large. Very large. If your needs fit within a set of already developed plugins Pageworks may recommend WordPress to reduce development cost while still delivering a high quality CMS based site.

Widespread Acceptance

Because of the large community and popularity of WordPress hosts and developers are most likely familiar and ready to handle WordPress. This means that as you move forward on a WordPress system it may be easier to move hosts or change developers/designers for your site as you grow or needs change.