Heidelberg XL 105

Fast, powerful, and eco-friendly

Our Heidelberg XL 105 satisfies the most stringent demands in terms of both quality and productivity. From feeder to delivery, it bristles with innovations that shorten setup times, accelerate run speeds, and reduce paper and ink consumption and waste.

Less Waiting

6-color printing with in-line aqueous coating at speeds up to 18,000 sheets per hour means less press time and more you time.

Environmentally Conscious

Automatic ink dispensers reduce ink consumption by 30% and virtually eliminate waste.

Automated Workflow

Our Heidelberg is one of the only JDF compliant presses in West Michigan. We can collect job information when it's estimated and communicate it directly to the press assuring all details are met and costly errors are eliminated.

Guaranteed Results

The XL 105 automatically monitors and adjusts for color changes at levels not detectable to the human eye guaranteeing the last sheet of a run is as good as the one you approved at the beginning.

Energy Efficient

The increased productivity gained with the XL 105 during set up and press runs reduces the overall energy consumption.