How we work

Our process helps us consistently deliver the product you want, not the product we choose to sell.

We believe the process that goes into making something is incredibly important. Every project has its own unique requirements, goals and steps to execute. Some are relatively straightforward and others require careful planning, management, timing and assembly. No matter the size or scope we generally move forward with the following steps:



During discovery two things are important. The first is your project’s goals. What needs to be accomplished? Are you trying to generate leads or provide better support for your users? Your goals should drive the execution of the project throughout. The second thing to outline is how your company’s story fits into these goals. This outlines why your company is working on this project and how it will uniquely create items that carry out your objectives.



Now that you have goals and an idea of how your company can approach them creatively, it’s time to plan what specific deliverables you will create and a timeline for producing these elements.



Design includes the look and feel of the creative pieces, but it also includes mapping how each piece interacts with others. Remember to design with your main goals as the primary objective.



Production is where sites are built, ads are produced, and your printed materials go to press. Making sure these elements come together in a timely manner is important as each element’s success is dependent on the other pieces being produced in a top-notch manner.



Sites go live, mailers are delivered, and your campaign is running. The important part of delivery is often timing. Make sure that each piece fits with the schedule and furthers the goals you decided upon during Discovery.



Your project is live at this stage, but what supporting elements do you have? How are you actively engaging the affected users or potential clients? Are you interacting on social media, making calls, and notifying press outlets?



Every project should be measured for success. Getting proper statistics helps not only with determining project success, but is also a great tool for determining what your future campaigns should include.