Prepress "Magician" Technician

The Job Itself

You may not be a magician, but you have some clever tricks up your sleeve…

In a nutshell, this job involves all aspects of preparing files for print production. The primary focus is formatting files, processing data for variable data printing, and automating workflows.

Simple really (when you reduce it to two sentences).

A little about you

As our Prepress Technician, it is important you have an understanding of the prepress process. At Pageworks, we have a variety of projects that run the gamut from traditional computer-to-plate all the way to automated web-to-print production.

You are someone who loves to learn, to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and dive right in. You love a challenge and pushing yourself to learn things that might be out of your comfort zone. For example, you may need to format using HTML or CSS. JavaScript rules can also be an aspect of how we setup automation for VDP.

Does that scare you? Don't let it! We're a well rounded team of technicians and developers who can help put you on the right path. What we can't give you is the desire to learn. That you need to bring yourself.

We realize there is a lot to learn. It will take some time and we will learn together.
Each person on our team has different personalities and talents. Our diversity makes us stronger together.

A typical day on the job at Pageworks

You walk in and grab a cup of coffee, maybe some hot water if you’re the tea drinking type. You say the “Hi, how are ya’s” as you walk back to your desk sipping tentatively (that drink is probably still too hot, please exercise caution). Finally you’re at your desk. That’s most likely where the “typical” part ends.

Each day will have its own set of unique challenges in this fast paced environment. You could be setting up templates for an online store, processing a job with variable data, creating new press layouts, and developing new workflows while collaborating with your team.

There's always something new.

Your growth track

The possibilities are endless. Pageworks is a learning environment that focuses on creativity and fostering skill sets. You will be a valued member of a small but growing team.

This job is going to give you skills that today are cutting edge, but will be required in the world of tomorrow. As leaders in the technology space, there will be challenges that include writing code and solving layout and imposition problems. Building and working with automated systems is going to set you up for the future of this industry.

What you need to be successful:

  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite apps and Microsoft Office apps effectively.
  • Traditional prepress - preflight, file output, proofing and plating.
  • Be organized with a strong attention to detail.
  • “Own” the jobs you are assigned and be willing to help others as needed.
  • Complete jobs in ACCURATE and timely manner.
  • Basic understanding of HTML (You need to know what a <strong> tag is for. Bonus points if you can reference how we used it in this job posting.)
  • Continually learn and look for new opportunities.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • You end your day with pride in a job well done.

It helps if you:

  • Have a basic understanding of JavaScript (Simple logic and control structures such as IF ==> THEN).
  • Can manage your own mac workstation, email, install software, updates, manage jobs, etc.
  • Have experience with online ordering applications.
  • Have innate design skills even though you're not a designer by trade. You just know what works and what doesn't intuitively.
  • Have worked directly with clients.
  • Have an understanding of MIS systems such as ePace.
  • Have familiarity with HP Indigo Presses and other digital devices.
  • Be able to troubleshoot issues and innovate. When someone comes to you with a problem, you start thinking of a solution.

Don't match everything above perfectly? Don't worry, we want to hear from you. We're more interested in the right PERSON than we are the right QUALIFICATIONS.


We can't wait to meet you.

Send us an email with your cover letter, resume, and link to your online portfolio or examples of work to:
sandig AT page DOT works
and let's get going.