Website Development

Code is beautiful. Code is art. At Pageworks we build beautiful code with a purpose. You define that purpose.

Pageworks develops around you by selecting a platform for development that fits with your needs, your goals and your company’s operations.

We start with your brand, discover your needs, propose a solution and THEN start developing. It doesn’t matter if you need a new content management system, a custom crafted web site or a custom print-on-demand solution. By starting with you we consistently deliver a product makes your life easier. We’ve developed tools that:

  • Allow organizations to save time and money by simplifying the process of managing their online presence.
  • Distribute sales materials and information based on dealer types, location and project attributes.
  • Engage customers by allowing product configuration and inquiry while channeling data for sales teams.

Content Management System Customization

For the majority of clients we work with using an existing content management system (CMS) serves their needs the best. Our team develops on a number of CMS platforms including Craft CMS and WordPress. Both of these platforms are built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) which allows us to use our knowledge of these open source technologies to build great products for you. CMS built sites allow you to edit content for your site without the need to understand all of the technical details that happen behind the scenes.

Custom Development

If a preexisting CMS doesn't fit your requirements Pageworks has the team to build a custom application for you. For some custom development projects we can still use an existing framework to get a head start. Our go to platforms in these instances are the open source PHP frameworks Laravel and Yii. In other instances we can develop a complete system from the ground up. The important thing to remember is that we work with you to assess your needs based on your business objectives first, THEN propose the solution we think best fits those needs.

Print-On-Demand Development

When it comes to bringing print and development together one area we thrive in is building out print-on-demand (POD) storefronts for our customers. While some printers don't offer these solutions or can't go as deep as Pageworks can, our development team works with you to understand your needs and build out a solution. Our POD solutions include the online submission and tracking, developing custom templates and storefronts for your team, and building in variable data printing capabilities right into your storefront.